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Dryer vent clean out

Hello everyone, hope that everyone is doing great. It seems like alot my service calls lately have been dryers that haven't been drying like they should. The most common reason for this problem is that the vent that goes through the house is stopped up with lent. How this problem happens is when its cool outside and the heat goes through the vent it creates condensation and the lent sticks to the vent walls. As a homeowner you should have the dryer vent cleaned, the dryer cleaned out, and the cores on the refrigerator clean by an professional at least once a year. Please give us a call at 910-599-7430 for a special rate on appliance clean out. Not only will it save you money on your electrical bill but if its not done on a regular bases it could be a FIRE HAZARD. I hope everyone have a great week.

Dryer Vent Blockage

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great week and staying cool. I just wanted to let everyone know I now offer dryer vent cleaning. If your dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes, more than likely it's your house vent. What is happening is your dryer heats up and it has sensors in it that will shut the heating elements down until it cools off. So its a continuous cycle- heats up, cools off, heats up, cools off, etc. This is occurring because all of the heat can't escape out due to the blockage in the vent.


Hello everyone, just wanted to talk about refrigerators again. I really need to stress to everyone how important it is to clean the cores off every six months to a year. You need to call an appliance company to do so because you don't want to damage the cores and maybe cause them to leak freon. That's a major repair on the seal system. I went on 2 refrigerator calls this week that couldn't be repaired due to a bad compressor. The compressor went bad because the cores were stopped up and it couldn't breath. The customers didn't want to fix them due to the cost of a new compressor and the installation. So PLEASE call Archer's Appliance to perform the maintenance and clean out your appliances. They will run more efficient and last a lot longer. From your friends at Archers Appliance, have a great weekend. THANK YOU

Dryer Vents Could Cause A Fire

I hope everyone is having a great week. One thing that I would like to touch on is dryer vents. I know it's really easy to forget about doing maintenance on the dryer vent, but it's really important to have it cleaned out about every six months. If the vent isn't bad, you can take an electric leaf blower and blow it from the inside of the house to the outside. A clogged dryer vent could cause fires, uses a lot more electricity than normal, and causes wear and tear on the dryer. I can't stress it enough, PLEASE have your dryer vent cleaned every six months to a year.

Cleaning out the disposal and removing that bad odor.

Hello, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Is everyone enjoying this beautiful weather? I am. Just wanted to talk a little about disposals. A frequently ask question from my customers is how they can get that bad odor out of the disposal. The first thing you can do is get about two full cups of just ice. Cut the disposal on without the water, place the ice down the sink. Keep feeding the ice into the disposal. As the disposal fills up with slush, cut the water on. It mighty seem like the sink is stopped up, just let the disposal keep running until it flushes down the drain. If that dosen't get the odor out, try to adding Clorox into the ice. If anyone has any questions about cleaning out the disposal please feel free to give me a call (910)599-7430. I hope everyone has a great week. Your friends at Archer's Appliance

Refrigerator Maintenance

Hello everyone, today's topic is maintenance on refrigerators. It is very important to have an appliance repair shop (Archer's Appliance Repair) to come out about once a year to clean your cores on the refrigerator. The reason this is so important is because a lot of lent, dog hair, cat hair, dust, etc gets sucked into the cores and won't let air through. If the cores are stopped up, it will make the refrigerator run more than normal or all the time. It will also cause your electricity bill to run higher than normal. Please feel free call me at anytime if you have a specific question! 910-599-7430 or 910-280-3838

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