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Refrigerator went out on Saturday night full of food

hello, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I got a phone call around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night while my wife was in the kitchen cooking us dinner. A lady called me and said that she was in trouble and really needed my help. She went on and ask me if there was anyway that I could come out to her house in Delco and check her refrigerator. She had it packed full of food and she couldn't afford to lose it all. She also told me that she called a few other appliance service companys and they told her they wouldn't come out to her house that late and on a Saturday night.

Finished Ice Maker At Figure 8 Island

Hello, I just wanted to wish everyone a great week. A quick note on the KichenAid ice maker at Figure 8 Island. Finished it up and everything seems to be working great. It had a pump motor that was bad. When I went to order the pump, KitchenAid doesn't just sell the pump. If you want to order the pump you have to order the bracket, motor, senior, and pump. The factory has it figured out because they know that you have to buy it. They know you're not going to trash the machine. So the put a crazy price on it and make you buy the whole kit. Note to anyone looking to purchase a built in ice maker, I haven't never talk to a customer that had alot of positive comments to say about KitchenAid ice makers. If anyone is looking to purchase a built in ice maker and would like me to research them feel free to call me, (910)599-7430. Your friend, Chip Archer

Have a great weekend everyone

Hello everybody, just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend. Tomorrow is a busy day for me. First thing in the morning at 7:00 a.m. I have to be in Rocky Point. After that I have a few more service calls in Wilmington. Hopefully I can finish up before lunch. My Dad and brother is coming down to visit me for my birthday and do a little fishing. And maybe I can talk them into helping do some maintenance on my work truck.Take care everyone.
Your friend Chip Archer

Refrigerator Maintenance

Hello everyone, today's topic is maintenance on refrigerators. It is very important to have an appliance repair shop (Archer's Appliance Repair) to come out about once a year to clean your cores on the refrigerator. The reason this is so important is because a lot of lent, dog hair, cat hair, dust, etc gets sucked into the cores and won't let air through. If the cores are stopped up, it will make the refrigerator run more than normal or all the time. It will also cause your electricity bill to run higher than normal. Please feel free call me at anytime if you have a specific question! 910-599-7430 or 910-280-3838

The Importance Of Dryer Maintenance

Hello everyone, just wanted to write a quick note to talk about dryers. The major problem with dryers is lent backup. Weather it's in the dryer itself or it's in the vent going to the outside. Most dryers tear up due to lent backup. It is very important to clean the lent trap after ever use. It is also a good idea to pull the dryer out from the wall and clean the vent hose going to the outside. One way you can do this is take a leaf blower (make sure it's electric) and hook it to the hose inside the house.

Front Loader Washers

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to write a quick note to answer a question that I get asked often. What do I think about front loader washers?  I personally have a Samsung front loader with every imaginable upgrade, including steam, and I honestly don't like it. The great thing about front loader washers is that they use less water and energy as the older versions of washers. personal opinion is that they just don't clean as well as a top loader. If you do have a front loader washer, make sure you clean the front glass and leave the door open a few hours after each and every use.


I just wanted to apologize for my spelling sometimes. I don't proof read like I need to. I will do better in the future. I Promise. I work on appliances way better than I spell. Hope everyone has a great night. Talk to everyone soon. Have a great weekend.

Ice Maker At FIgure 8 Island

Hello to all my friends. Just wanted to wright a quick note for today. I had a service call at Figure 8 Island today. That is a really beautiful place. All the houses out there are really nice. It really seems like a safe place to live. The service call was for a KitchenAid built in ice maker. The customers were really nice folks but wasn't satisfied at all with the ice machine. They said that they had nothing but trouble with it from day one. I'll get it going again like a new one. Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend and take care.

Thanks everyone

Hello everyone, I just wanted to thank each and every customer of mind for their support and trust. Archer's Appliance just open up a store in Wilmington N.C. about a year ago. There is a store in Laurinburg N.C. for over 35 years and going strong. I hope I can earn the customers trust of the Wilmington area for another 30 years. So thanks again for everyone support so far. If anyone has any problems with our services so far please call my personal cell phone at 910-280-3838. My name is Chip Archer.

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