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Hello everyone, just wanted to talk about refrigerators again. I really need to stress to everyone how important it is to clean the cores off every six months to a year. You need to call an appliance company to do so because you don't want to damage the cores and maybe cause them to leak freon. That's a major repair on the seal system. I went on 2 refrigerator calls this week that couldn't be repaired due to a bad compressor. The compressor went bad because the cores were stopped up and it couldn't breath. The customers didn't want to fix them due to the cost of a new compressor and the installation. So PLEASE call Archer's Appliance to perform the maintenance and clean out your appliances. They will run more efficient and last a lot longer. From your friends at Archers Appliance, have a great weekend. THANK YOU


Hello everyone, just wanted to take a minute to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers out there. I hope that the mothers have a great day and enjoy spending time with their children. From your friends at ARCHER'S APPLIANCE REPAIR,  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Dryer Vents Could Cause A Fire

I hope everyone is having a great week. One thing that I would like to touch on is dryer vents. I know it's really easy to forget about doing maintenance on the dryer vent, but it's really important to have it cleaned out about every six months. If the vent isn't bad, you can take an electric leaf blower and blow it from the inside of the house to the outside. A clogged dryer vent could cause fires, uses a lot more electricity than normal, and causes wear and tear on the dryer. I can't stress it enough, PLEASE have your dryer vent cleaned every six months to a year.

Appliances Are Worth Fixing

Hello, hope everyone is doing well. A frequent question that I get asked from my customers when they first call is if their appliance is worth fixing or should they just go and buy a new one. If I had to put it on a scale I would say that 98% of appliances are worth fixing. For example I had a call this morning from a customer that told me that her refrigerator would stop cooling.  She could cut if off for 1-2 hours, plug it back up and it worked fine for a week or two. She went to a home improvement store and they told her that appliances these days are disposable.

And the warranty company said their wasn't anything wrong with the microwave!!!

Hello, I hope that everyone had a great Easter. A good friend and a neighbor of mine called be a couple of weeks ago and asked me could I do warranty work in Wilmington. I told him that Wilmington isn't in my zip code area for warranty work but I'll be glad to look at it for him. He said that he would call the warranty department and let me know what they said. A week or so went by and he called me and told me that a appliance company in Wilmington (not going to say their name) came out to his house and looked at the microwave and told him that it was normal for his microwave to produce a lot of steam.


I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Easter. Besafe and enjoy the day. Thanks everyone for the support. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT ARCHERS APPLIANCE REPAIR.

Service Call At Topsail Beach

Just wanted to take a minute to talk about my trip to Topsail Beach today on a service call. That was the first time going to Topsail Beach. It was such a nice place. The drive was a little long from Wilmington but over all it wasn't bad. The customer called and told me that there was a water leak inside of the freezer at the ice maker. He said that he was on vacation staying at his sister's beach house and was leaving to go back to Virginia Sunday night. He had to get it fixed before leaving and every other appliance company told him the earliest they could come would be Monday.

Appliance companies robbing their customers

Hello to my friends. Just wanted to talk a little about appliance companies in Wilmington N.C. that gives honest companies like myself a bad name. I was at my local parts house the other day when a older lady walks in. She ask the employee behind the counter could he look a part up for her. The guy said sure, what is your model number and what part would you like to buy? The little lady gave him the model number and said she needed a lid switch for her washer. The fellow pulled it right up just about before she got the numbers out of her mouth. He said it would be 21 dollars plus tax, and we have in stock. The lady just set there with a shock look on her face. She said that she called a appliance company in Wilmington N.C. and ask them how much they would charge her to come to her house and change the lid switch on her washer. The company ask for her model and serial number. After putting her on hold for a little while they came back on the phone and told her it would be between 220.00 and 230.00 for them to come to her house and install the part. The lady couldn't believe that someone would take advantage of their customers like that. That really hurts someone like myself that is trying to do what is right and make an honest living. I just thought that I would share that with everyone. Just please remember to double check everything and ask questions. For the record there was only two screws that holds that lid switch on the washer. I hope everyone is having a great week. Take care from your friends at Archer's Appliance.

Thanks to my customers

Just wanted to take a minute and thank each and every customer of mine. Everyone has welcomed me into their house with open arms. It means alot to me when some leaves me in their house and trusts me in there home with all their personal belongings. THANKS EVERYONE. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Cleaning out the disposal and removing that bad odor.

Hello, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Is everyone enjoying this beautiful weather? I am. Just wanted to talk a little about disposals. A frequently ask question from my customers is how they can get that bad odor out of the disposal. The first thing you can do is get about two full cups of just ice. Cut the disposal on without the water, place the ice down the sink. Keep feeding the ice into the disposal. As the disposal fills up with slush, cut the water on. It mighty seem like the sink is stopped up, just let the disposal keep running until it flushes down the drain. If that dosen't get the odor out, try to adding Clorox into the ice. If anyone has any questions about cleaning out the disposal please feel free to give me a call (910)599-7430. I hope everyone has a great week. Your friends at Archer's Appliance

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